Poolside Decking

Your poolside can be more than just your area to walk on while getting in and out of your pool. It can be a beautiful extension of your patio or garden. With the large selections of pavers available, we can guarantee to match your taste in colors and patterns. Choose from the classic or traditional look, rustic or natural complimenting the natural beauty of your pool and patio. With pavers, the variations can be huge. Let us help you pick the rights ones for your pool deck in Philadelphia.



For summer entertaining in a your home in Philadelphia, an outdoor swimming pool is simply a great option. The possibilities areendless, from poolside patios and living spaces to integrated waterfalls and having a luxury spa. No matter what kind of a pool design you may have in mind or size,  Delaney Construction can help ensure your family has a beautiful and private oasis that they can enjoy all summer long—right in the privacy of your own backyard.



Brick pavers are a very popular choice for pool decks. They are nice to go bare feet on and safe for yourself and any little feet too. Children can often get excited and run in a pool area which can lead to slipping but the paver’s non slip surface is safer than traditional concrete patios especially when wet.

You will find long lasting beauty to be enjoyed all year round when you choose pavers for your pool deck. Traditional concrete and timber decking can also be a great option for your pool deck if you are looking for a cheaper solution. However we do recommend concrete pavers as they are more capable of withstanding wear and tear from weather, constant use and the pool water.

The great thing about using concrete pavers compared to other types of pool decking is that you can easily repair a damage paver, you will find it’s a much easier job than with traditional concrete. It can simply be removed and repaired or just replaced.


If you are thinking of improving the deck area area around your pool, regardless if its concrete pavers, standard concrete or timber, call us now. We offer the best pool deck replacement service in Philadelphia. We use only the best quality products from the best manufacturers in Philadelphia. So pick up the phone now and let Delaney Construction Paving handle your decking.